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FAQ - Green Bin Charges

By Cat Price Wootton Wawen Parish Council

Monday, 28 December 2020


Wootton Wawen Parish Council Clerk


From 1 April 2021 there will be a charge for the garden waste service across Stratford-on-Avon District. Here’s some FAQs to help explain the service.

1. How much is it to sign up to the service?
The annual charge is £40 per green bin, however, if you sign up between 11 January and 28 February 2021, there is an early bird offer of £35 per green bin.

2. What will happen to my food waste if I do not sign up for my green bin to be collected?
You will be able to place up to three food waste caddies out for collection on what would have been your garden waste collection day. The food caddies will be available free of charge, on request.

3. Can I put the garden waste in my grey rubbish bin?
No. 95% of the waste in the grey bin is taken to an energy from waste facility, they cannot accept garden waste at this plant. If there is garden waste in your grey bin, it will not be emptied. The collections crews will be monitoring bins for hidden garden waste and a thorough check will be made if evidence shows previous contamination.

4. Why are you charging for the collection of garden waste?
The collection of garden waste is a discretionary service not a statutory service – one that the Council is not obliged to provide. We had the choice to charge for the service or possibly discontinue it completely. We felt that it would be fairer for residents to have the choice to pay for a service or not, rather than not having a service at all. We are not allowed to charge for the collection of domestic waste (the grey bin) under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. There are also limits to how much the council tax can be increased and it was felt it would be fairer to charge only those residents that use the service.

5. Is this charge compulsory?
No. The service will only be available to residents that register for the service. If you do not register and make the payment, your green bin will not be collected and there will be no charge to you. Therefore, if you do not have a garden or do not want to pay for the collections, you do not need to do anything.

6. How can I dispose of my garden waste if I do not want to pay for the service?
The most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your garden waste is by home composting. Warwickshire County Council offer discounted home composting bins on their website: You can also take your garden waste to a Household Waste Recycling Centre. Please do not mix food waste with garden waste when taking it to these sites. To find your local centre and opening times please visit

7. Will the garden waste collection be a done all-year round?
Yes. SDC have no plans to reduce the level of service, there may be occasions due to exceptionally inclement weather etc. when the collections will be suspended. Full details will be provided on the Council website if there are any interruptions to the service. No refunds will be given for unexpected disruptions to the service.

8. Can I continue to use sacks for my garden waste?
We would encourage subscribers to use a green bin, where possible. We can provide a green bin free of charge when you sign up to the service, if you have room to store the bin. Reusable sacks will be available to purchase where a wheeled bin is not practicable.

9. Will this encourage more fly tipping?
We have conducted benchmarking with other councils where they charge for the collection of garden waste. This has shown that there is not a significant increase in fly tipping when charges are introduced. Any fly tipping that occurs will be dealt with as per our current arrangements. Fly tipping is a crime, any person found guilty of fly tipping will be dealt with, in line with SDC’s Local Environmental Quality Enforcement Policy.

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected]

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